15 August 2012

Do stuff NOW (Advice soapbox)

So as I poke around with businesses and generally waste time I come across ideas and things worth passing along.  Here's an awesome idea by Derek Sivers found in his uncommon sense vid which I highly recommend checking out.  Best thing I got from it was this idea that you need to do tons of prep work to make your dreams happen.  Like for a business you need to spend weeks developing a business plan and getting a projected budget and raising capital and all this bull shit.  

Sivers-who's done it-instead says there's something you can do RIGHT NOW.  Like immediately and it doesn't have to be business oriented or whatever it can be your dream.  One of my friends said she wants to create a place where it's okay to talk about depression and suicidal thoughts.  Way more people have them than talk about them.  I didn't think of it at the moment but I'm going to challenge her by asking what can she do now to effect that change.  Likewise, I want a world where sex is more talked about and fun and free from the harsher religious judgments that we've all likely dealt with.  So.. I'm ridiculously blunt and frank about sex in general.  My closest friends know way too much about my penis (male and female alike... lol), I'm candid about when I want someone and sometimes probably too honest.  But it's in reaction to the opposite and the damage I've seen repression cause.  

There is always something you can do now.  Another company (that does programming nerdery if you must know) called Stack Overflow agrees in their presentation called "Stop sucking and Be Awesome Instead".  Honestly it's an idea you'll hear a lot.  Encapsulated in a clever saying from Sivers: "If you're not embarrassed by your first attempt, you're starting too late!"  ... or something like that.  I mighta minced the words but you should watch the Siver videos anyway.  

I like to live my philosophies as I prescribe them so check my blog.  If you're reading this you can peruse and it's kind of terrible isn't it?  Don't tell me, I know!  And I don't share with friends because I'm embarrassed.  However, I'm trying to make some changes and in a week, regardless of where the blog is I'm going to publish and show it to my friends.  Embarrassed or not, I need to live this as much as you do.  So come on random reader who probably doesn't exist!  Let's DO THIIIIIIIISSSSS!!!!    

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