15 July 2012

Goal Status

So after looking over the wopping amount of posts on this blog (5 maybe) I realize I don't exactly know what I aim to write about. Or that I'm away from what I want to write about. Most of it's about my sex life which really only encompasses one goal. Still it's almost the only one I've really made big progress on so perhaps I'm excused?

Not like anyone really reads this anyway but I'd like to make my life more interesting so my blog becomes more interesting. So here's a quick one or two sentence update on each of the 7 goals I'm working on right now.

Goal 3: Develop a muse (business that requires little or no work from me for day to day ops) or two or three so I can have freedom to travel and to accomplish the rest of my goals.
Status: Have four ideas with three no-cost test pages ready to go live to see if there's a market at all.
Next step: Find a way to test the fourth idea and go live with all. Will keep posted on which are profitable and will tell you what they are. Let's leave the embarrassing failures out- for my pride because a few of them are somewhat embarrassing even if successful.

Goal 4: Drop to between 8 and 12% body fat.
Status: Pursuing workout plan but unable to maintain diet.
Next step: since my income is coming back to “profitable”, invest in better foods and follow my diet al a 4 Hour Body.

Goal 5: Corrupt / Teach 10 people my own brand of martial arts.
Status: Refining curriculum with star student.
Next step: Continue refining curriculum and begin marketing for more students.

Goal 9 AND 10: Go to a nude beach/resort AND get certified in Krav Maga.
Status: Made a nudist friend, who's also my martial arts student and is totally down to travel and do this!
Next Step: Develop a budget for a trip to CA and get certified (up to level 2) and visit a nudist place while there.

Goal 12: Develop an Iron Man-esque pseudo AI virtual assistant to help with digital tasks and to talk to me all snarky like.
Status: Pursuing programming curriculums from my college.
Next step: Finish curriculums, explore droid programming (for the app side) and stand on the shoulders of giants by looking at previous works (see book *iinclude amazon link)

Goal 28: Apprehend a fugitive
Status: Still in planning phase but hope to make contact with a few agencies in CA and see how open they are to the idea of allowing me and another to hunt for a week or two.

Huzzah! Huzzah for Deez nuts. That's the status on each of the goals I'm currently working on. Will include videos and more interesting bits as they happen. Don't worry, I have no clue what I'm doing.


  1. Huzzah! I wanna learn Krav maga. And then do it to Bad ass Music. "Who gon Stop Me" By Kanye and Jay-Z Would be perfect to Fuck someone up with my awesomely newfound Krav Maga skills. Who Gon stop me heeeh?

  2. Dude we should learn together. If I ever get around to making training vids you should follow along. I can make you bad ass over the internet!!! I mean... probably. Assuming your theoretical balls are as big as you say...


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